Zeta Chapter at University of Alabama

Kappa Delta

Appointed Officers










Top Row (Left to Right): Audrey Tallis (Health and Wellness), Madeline Griffin (Information and Technology and Gracious Living)

Middle Row (Left to Right): Hannah Sherrer (Health and Wellness), Maggie Jackson (House Manager), Hailey Greene (Sergeant in Arms)

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Anne Pickering (Information and Technology), Madi Mckinney (Guard)


Vice President- Member Education:

Row (Left to Right): Madeline DeBuys (Assistant VP-ME), Alexa Janssen (PACE Chairman), Key Lamberth (Assistant VP-ME), Lilly Alldredge (Assistant VP-ME)

Not pictured: Sally Frances Smith (Ritual Chair)


Vice President- Membership:


Left to Right: Caroline Franklin (Sisterhood Chair), Mary Seldon Andrews (Sisterhood Chair)


Vice President- Operations:

Left to Right: Amanda Ramage (Leadership Excellence Chair), Stephanie Perez (Point Chair), Maddie Gustafson (Point Chair), Amelia Brown (Composite Chair)

Not pictured: Ann Marie Brakefield (Point Chair)


Vice President- Community Service:

Top Row (Left to Right): Madison Sincroft (Girl Scout Committee), Lucy Gardner (Shamrock Committee)

Middle Row (Left to Right): Logan Sessions (Crossing Points Chair), Jaqueline La'pointe (Shamrock Committee),  Anna Shelby (Shamrock Committee)

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Olivia Shull (Shamrock Committee), Kolby Wessen (Crossing Points Chair), Camille Onahua (Shamrock Committee)

Not pictured: Ann Bradford Hansen (Girl Scout Committee)


Vice President- Public Relations:

Fourth Row (Left to Right): Mary Coley McMillan (T-Shirt Chair), Caty Lesso (Signs and Bulletins Chair), Margaret Murray (Alumnae Relations Chair)

Third Row (Left to Right): Brook Ostrander (Holiday/Birthday Chair), Lucy Massey (Signs and Bulletins Chair), Hailey Greene (Photographer)

Second Row: Caroline Dozier (ZAP Chair), Isabel Palmer (Tumblr Chair), Zharia Mckenzie (T-Shirt Chair)

First Row (Left to Right): Anna Peeples (Assistant VP-Public Relations), Ellen Coleman Edwards (Assistant VP-Public Relations)


Vice President- Standards:

Left to Right: Morgan Graves (Assistant Academic Excellence), Lucy Gardner (Academic Excellence), Laura Tovar (Academic Excellence)


Standards Board:

Left to Right: Caty Lesso, Darsey Norton, Owen Roberston



Top Row (Left to Right): Alyson Shreve (Mail Chair), Samantha Pritchett (Parliamentarian), Logan Donovan (Parliamentarian)

Bottom Row: Maggie Jackson (Mail Chair), Annie Edgecombe (Chaplain), Alexia Cambria (Historian)


Vice President- Finance:

Left to Right: Kate Speyer (Parents Weekend Chair), Margaret Murray (Parents Weekend Chair)

Not Pictured: Sloan Cranz (Magazine Chair), Erica Spear (Assistant VP-Finance)


Panhellenic Delegate:

Top Row: Jeanie Crouch (Pomp Chair)

Middle Row (Left to Right): Annie Edgecombe (Intramural Chair), Camille Onuoha (Greek Week Chair)

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Tristen Turk (Assistant Panhellenic Delegate), Cara Louise Luther (Assistant Panhellic Delegate), Abby Boucher (Homecoming Events Chair)

Not pictured: Lilly Alldredge (Homecoming Dance Chair)

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