Zeta Chapter at University of Alabama

Kappa Delta

Appointed Officers


Sergeant at Arms: Olivia Guie

Guard: Allie Barnes

House Manager: Maggie Jackson

Ritual Chairman: Jeanie Crouch

Health and Wellness: Kate Floyd & Catherine Melton

Gracious Living: Elizabeth Summers


VP-Membership Education

Assistant VP-Membership Education: Lizzie Bonhaus & Carlee Dawkins

PACE Chairman: Blakely Bacque

Stage Chairman: Kate-Pride Muse

New Member Retreat Chairman: Frances Gaut

Initiation Chairman: Margaret Babin



Sisterhood Chairmen: Sally Frances Smith & Tatum Bailey

Recruitment Team: Madison Sincroft, Ann Marie Brakefield, & Frances Richardson



Assistant VP-Operations: Ansley Byars

Leadership Excellence Chairman: Abby Boucher 

Roll/Points Chairmen: Helen Steward, Madison Jenney, Ann Marie Brakefield

Transitions Chairman: Annie Hughes

Composite Chairman: Catherine Kennedy


VP-Community Service

Shamrock Committee: Whitney Williams, Ansley Byars, Shelton James, Emily Fay, Rives Lee

Girl Scout Committee: Annalisa Stone & Sarah Logan

Crossing Point Chairman: Rachel Smith


VP-Public Relations

Assistant Public Relations: Anna-Quinn Weaver

Signs and Bulletins Chairmen: Caroline Hall & Liza Anderson

Photographer: Banks Church

T-Shirt Chairmen: Hannah Moss & Adare Daly

ZAP Chair: Gracie Hunt

Alumnae Relations: Annie Buffkin

Birthday Chairman: Emma-Claire Purdie

Trunk Show Coordinator: Mary Jordan Drake

Parent’s Weekend Chairmen: Issey Behr



Social Chairmen: Laura Valentine & Meredith Shields

Academic Excellence Chairmen: Avery Phillips & Grace Crow

Assistant Academic Excellence: Margaret Anne Clarke

Risk Management Chairman: Sally Frances Smith 



Assistant Secretary: Anna Giardina

Parliamentarian: Samantha Brown

Chaplain: Annie Edgecombe

Historian:Virginia Murray 

Mail Chairmen: Annie Hughes & Riley Rosenweig



Assistant VP-Finance: Tricia Davis

Magazine Chairman: Samantha Brown


Panhellenic Delegate

Assistant Panhellenic Delegate: Frances Richardson

Homecoming Events Chair: Brynna Snyder

Pomp Chairman: Blakely Bacque

Homecoming Dance Chairman: Frances Richardson

Greek Week Chair: Lanie Overton

Intramural Chair:Jesse Sabio

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